Washington State Residential Purchase And Sale Agreement Form 25

Please note that Form 42A is an endorsement of the purchase and sale agreement and must operate in conjunction with the Agency`s disclosure provision in this contract. Form 42 (Agency publication) is not an endorsement of the purchase and sale contract and is intended for transactions in which NWMLS forms are not used (. B, for example, transactions involving the use of a contractor or a bank purchase and sale contract). The Condominium Resale Certificate (form 27) has been revised to remove sections of the form that are not required by RCW 64.34.425 (unit resale). The previous version of the form required information on the completion of construction, conversion and zoning. The revised form now meets the requirements of the Condominium Act (RCW 64.34). The new paragraph 7, paragraph c) (ii), gives the buyer three days to accept the seller`s proposal to reduce the purchase price. When the buyer accepts the seller`s proposal, the buyer considers that the buyer has sufficient resources to close the sale. The buyer would have to pay back additional money to compensate for the difference between the value assessed and the new purchase price. Alternatively, the buyer has the option to terminate the contract.

The general term “f” has been revised and contains a provision on systems and appliances that was previously included in the supplement of optional clauses (form 22D). The provision requires the seller to repair or replace a system or device that, before closing, becomes inoperative or has defects. The revised form also gives the buyer the opportunity to make the building “practicable” within five days of closing, to verify that the seller has maintained the property, systems and appliances in accordance with the purchase and sale agreement. The optional addition of the clauses (form 22D) has been revised to remove the system/appliances that is now included in the purchase and sale contract. The form also separates the seller`s cleaning obligation and the personal determination of the property in two separate paragraphs. In accordance with the new paragraph 3 (cleaning the sellers), the parties have the option of requiring the seller to clean the interior of the buildings and dispose of all waste, waste and waste from the land before taking possession of the buyer.

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