What Is A Union Recognition Agreement

6.1 The agreed objective of mutual agreement between all parties to this agreement is to work in partnership to resolve disputes by using the consultation and negotiation processes set out in this document and avoiding disputes until all stages of this procedure are exhausted. 3.5 The university recognizes the responsibility of unions to negotiate collective agreements and to defend and protect the interests of their workers, who are covered by this agreement. 4.13 In order to facilitate the registration of the time allocated, the university will set up a system for filling up accredited trade union delegates until the following date: 3.8 The declaration of dispute leads to the continuation (or reversion) of the existing practice or agreement before the amendments that led to the dispute. 3.10 The university is committed to informing its recognized unions in a timely manner of any changes that have or should have a collective impact on workers. This agreement replaces all trade union and recognition agreements between the parties and enters into force from the date of the last signing, in accordance with the following part. 3.9 Both the university and its recognized unions recognize that the provisions of this agreement have an obligation to organize the consideration of the issues raised as quickly as possible. 4.2.5 Meeting with other union representatives, either accredited local representatives or full-time public servants; 3.3 The university, as an employer, and its recognized unions are working together to establish a university system of worker-to-worker relations that works at all levels within the organization, based on the main characteristics of cooperation, teamwork, transparency and mutual respect. A union is considered recognized when an employer agrees to negotiate with the union the terms of pay and work of the workers represented by the union. Recognition can be voluntary or legal. Voluntary recognition implies that an employer agrees to recognize a union without resorting to legal procedures.

Legal recognition means that a union must apply for recognition. In most countries, certain conditions must be met before a union can be recognized in the legal sense.

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